good things 21-22/3/14:

  • tigers smashed the rabbits in the footy and it was the best game ever to be at
  • stayed at Jake’s after the footy because he was being all cute and everything might actually be good with us now hopefully
  • woke up next to him and he did the thing where we pulls me tighter in bed and just ahhh <3
  • stayed in bed watching the OC while he went to the gym and then drove home and went out for lunch 
  • going out with the girls for Katherine’s birthday tonight and I’m so excited ahhhh

why does it feel like I just broke up with you when we were never even going out

good things for this weekend:

  • pizza for dinner on Friday night which was delicious
  • worked at one of the mardi gras parties on saturday and they were all so happy and wanting us to party with them it was adorable
  • plans for saturday night got cancelled
  • got in a massive fight with the boy about these plans getting cancelled and like idek if I feel bad or what, cause it’s just gonna keep happening but I can’t stay away even though I know it’s such a destructive relationship fuck
  • made alternative saturday night plans which were average (would have much preferred to be in bed with boy mentioned above)
  • kept fighting with him this morning and he says he’s really sorry but ~trust issues~
  • people came over this afternoon and I pretty much spent the whole time looking up studio apartments in the city to move out to

i haven’t done a good things in a while so here a few positive things in life at the moment:

  • turned 19 on friday
  • had roses delivered to me at work, and a few things from the iconic came from friends… plus I had cake for brekky in the office!
  • had my party that night and hooked up with A (a different A from the last few posts) but I can’t decide if i want to move forward with the relationship??
  • partied until like 3am and then some awesome people stayed over and we just chilled the next day and it was fun :)
  • went to bed at 9:30 on saturday night
  • it rained this morning as a slept
  • picked J up from the airport and it’s always cute when I see him cause he calls me princess and baby and cute <3
  • kfc for dinner :) :) 

so Valentine’s Day is my birthday which means I really don’t need to have an opinion on the holiday at all (better things to celebrate) but I just need to say how sick I’m getting of people complaining about it - like isn’t it exciting that maybe that cute guy in class might give you a rose, or your boyfriend and you can go out to dinner, or a stranger on the street might tell you to have a ‘day filled with love’? idk can’t we all just have like no expectations and then be excited for the people who maybe cute things do happen to? 

good things for this weekend (10-12/01/14):

  • chinese for dinner
  • little brother’s birthday :)
  • cake
  • dinner at king st wharf (caesar salad, cocktails and chocolate fondant)
  • drove through the city for a bit
  • grandparents came over today
  • more cake
  • pavlova
  • pizza for dinner
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